Upfiring or Downfiring?

For a detailed comparison of our two basic cabinet designs, please see the White Paper Upfiring Or Downfiring, Exploring The Tradeoffs, which is accessible at the bottom of our home page.

In overview, however, both approaches offer sound dispersion and other advantages over traditional frontfiring cabinets, but have different design goals. Our downfiring cabinets are full frequency range systems that attempt to be the ultimate for amplifying acoustic instruments. Our one upfiring model is more of a compromise. The UpShot’s design goal is to be the smallest and lightest speaker available and still offer great performance for acoustic instruments. With a single driver, its frequency response is more limited than the two-way systems used in the Contra/Coda/Ten2. Yet it still has sufficient response to accurately reproduce bass, guitar, keyboards and other instruments. This level of performance plus its exceptional portability makes for a very attractive product.